Google Bard allows users to create images

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Google’s Bard chatbot is adding artificial intelligence (AI) image generation, to catch up with the feature that rival ChatGPT Plus has had for months.

Users can use Google Bard to create images using the Imagen 2 text-to-image model. Bard is powered by Google’s Gemini Pro large language model, which can generate multiple images. Many experts believe that Gemini Ultra is being developed and will have more powerful features.

Google has positioned Bard as a worthy competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Plus, which runs GPT-4 and allows users to create images thanks to DALL-E 3 integration. Both chatbots work well, but Bard’s lack of features in Text-to-image conversion gives ChatGPT Plus the edge. People can use the updated Bard with Imagen 2 for free, unlike ChatGPT Plus, which requires a subscription and payment, according to The Verge.

AI image generation recently came under fire after fake pornographic photos of singer Taylor Swift flooded X (formerly Twitter). While it is unknown what platform the creator of the fake photos used, several tech companies have blocked the platform where the images were created.

Google says Bard’s visual capabilities are “responsibly designed.” The company’s watermarking feature will be included in each pixel of the photo, which helps viewers distinguish that AI created the photo. Google also said the company has implemented technical and safety safeguards to avoid creating images of celebrities and limit violent, offensive, or sexually explicit content.

Image creation will not be limited to Bard. Google has released a new experimental image tool powered by Imagen 2 called ImageFX – allowing users to create images with simple text prompts to experiment with generative AI. Like Bard, all photos created through ImageFX will be marked by SynthID and adhere to Google’s AI guidelines and technical barriers. Currently, image creation is only possible with English commands.

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