Google cancels gaming laptop project using Nvidia graphics

by nativetechdoctor

In early May 2023, Google announced to users that it would support Chromebooks for gaming using Nvidia graphics. However, this plan is in danger of being stopped.

In March 2022, Google partnered with Valve, allowing users to play Steam games on Chrome OS. In October 2022, several original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) announced gaming-focused models with integrated graphics. Recently, with the popularity of the Steam Deck game console based on the Linux operating system, many users are expecting the company to launch a Chromebook gaming laptop. There have even been many predictions that 2023 will be a revolutionary year for Chromebook gaming, when in May 2023, Google announced that Chromebook laptops with Nvidia discrete GPU support were being rolled out by the company.

However, according to 9to5Google, some users have discovered a program segment on About Chromebook that reveals gaming projects are gradually being canceled. Google has completely removed support for “Hades”, “Agah” or “Herobrine” board platforms that specialize in discrete GPU support.

This will likely be a big disappointment for Chrome OS fans. Despite the failure of Google Stadia, a recently released online game streaming platform from the company, there is still a large amount of interest in the community for platforms like Steam and Nvidia’s GeForce Now on Chrome OS.

Currently, integrated graphics are still the weak point of Chromebooks. This configuration is only enough to meet the basic needs of offices and games with light configuration, but if players want to optimize performance and increase resolution, running locally on Chrome OS AAA titles. weight is always a big challenge.

It is yet to be confirmed whether the tech giant has abandoned the gaming laptop line altogether in the future. In June 2023, Google said that the company was still actively working to launch a more advanced version of Chromebook, Chromebook X.

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