Google Play Music officially stopped working.

by nativetechdoctor
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According to 9to5Google, when accessing or apps on Android and iOS, users will be taken to a notification page with the content “Google Play Music is no longer available”, with the main option is “transfer your account and library, including playlists and uploads ”to YouTube Music.

In addition, the “Manage your music” section also gives users the option to download data using Google Takeout until the end of this month.

The latest move seems to be the final shutdown when it differs from a phased outage that started in late October. It is known that this process started in May when Google allowed Play Music users to switch to YouTube Music adopts a new transfer engine, including uploaded content, playlists and other content recommendations. Next, the service ceased offering the ability to purchase individual songs and albums. Then, the streaming service didn’t exist on the Assistant speakers and Smart Screen, while the same goes for the WearOS app.

Now that Google Play Music has stopped working, all eyes are on YouTube Music. Users have until the end of this month to switch to a new app or to download uploaded data. By next year, that library information will be gone.

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