How to Automatically Close Tabs in Safari on iPhone / iPad

by nativetechdoctor
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There are a few tips to help you close open tabs quickly and automatically. Allowing your device to automatically close open tabs can be very useful. They stack up pretty quickly and affect the memory of your phone or tablet, which is undoubtedly light but present. It’s true that sometimes we tend to open new tabs without looking at the tabs that are already open and without thinking about sorting them.

Devices based on the iOS architecture have several tips for reducing the number of tabs you can accumulate. We have chosen two, including an automated one which should greatly facilitate your task.

Close all tabs in one go

It is possible to close all the tabs at once, and thus resume your research on a good basis. Handling could not be simpler. Just open Safari on your iPhone or iPad. Then keep your finger pressed on the tab button at the bottom right. Several options are then available to you.

Thus, it is possible to open a new tab quickly, whether private or traditional. But the most interesting is the two options in red, which allow you to close open tabs. You will therefore have the option of closing either the currently open tab or all the ones you had in the background. While this option has the advantage of being fast and efficient, it does not take into account the tabs that you are used to visiting regularly.

Automate the closing of tabs

If, however, you want to use a more automated functionality, iOS devices offer a rather useful option. It allows your device to automatically close the less used tabs after a certain period of time. To do this, head to the Device Settings.

In your terminal settings, scroll down to settings for Safari, and enter its options. Go to the Tabs category, where you will find the Close tabs section. Once in this part, you can choose the cycle of closing your Safari tabs. After a day, week, or month, all of your tabs will be deleted, or at least the ones you haven’t visited recently.

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