How to Make Apple Music Recommendations More Relevant

by nativetechdoctor

The Listen section is based on your searches, your library, and the songs you have liked.

If Apple Music easily manages to seduce users of iPhones, smart devices in general, and Android, it’s probably for the wealth of features it offers. With song lyrics, the multitude of custom playlists, or synchronization with iCloud, Apple Music has no shortage of options.

Another of its strengths lies in the artificial intelligence of its service. You might have noticed this if you subscribe to Apple Music, but there are five tabs at the bottom of the screen in the app. Explore, Radio, Library, Search and Listen. The latter is an anthology of suggestions for new songs, albums, and playlists from the algorithm of the music streaming service. But did you know that you can manipulate the data presented and get suggestions that are more relevant to you?

For this, several possibilities are available to you. The first is to tell Apple Music which songs you like or least like. Imagine listening to a playlist curated by Apple Music in Explorer and hearing music you love.

By telling the application that you are a fan, the algorithm will offer you more songs by this singer, or artists close to his musical genre. On the other hand, if you say you don’t like it, Apple Music will gradually move away from the repertoire and that style of music. To do this, long press on a song of your choice or tap on the three dots on the right, then select Like or Fewer similar suggestions.

On the other hand, Apple Music also analyzes, as explained above, the songs present in your library. By adding songs to your music library, Apple Music will be able to understand what you’re listening to and suggest similar playlists and songs that you like. To do this, the procedure is the same. In the same menu as above, tap Add to Library.

Finally, the playlist is the last tool that Apple Music uses to offer you musical suggestions. Here too, the application looks at what you have listened to and makes suggestions in Listen. However, if you let a friend or relative put music from your Apple Music account and you don’t particularly like what they’re listening to, you can turn off the history. Head into the settings, then into the Music. option Use listening history.

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