How to vaccinate your USB key and protect it from viruses

by nativetechdoctor
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USB devices and other storage media can be scary transmitters of malware. You give your USB key to a friend who hasn’t taken any precautions and plugs it to an infected computer, and you end up with a corrupt key. Now imagine this key was used in the office, and malware was dropped without your knowledge. Yes, it can run very fast. Infected keys can affect the security of computers at home and work. How do you protect your key from viruses? In this article, we will give you one solution.

You can vaccinate them to protect your USB key or external hard drive. If the software starts from a USB device, this is usually done through an “autorun” file on your drive. This file controls the automatic execution of your key when you activate it. Immunization only prevents malware that can use this file to start automatically. For this, we use the USBFIX program, which can be downloaded in a few seconds.

1. install USBFIX

Firstly, download Usbfix and execute it. Or you can simply accept the terms of the user agreement shown. The user interface is displayed, and you can find various options available to you. To begin our vaccination process, nothing is easier than pressing the “vaccinate” button, which is easily identified by the syringe icon.

2.Vaccinate your USB key in seconds

Do not forget to connect the device to be secured. It could be an SD card, hard drive, or even a smartphone. Also, consider temporarily disabling your virus protection.

3. Validate the vaccination.

This software will tell you the amount of removable media found. You have two options: vaccinate the exposed disk or delete the vaccine. In our case, of course, we choose the first option by clicking on the dedicated button.

And now the vaccination is successful! Note that immunizing a USB device is an additional barrier to malware. However, this method of protection is not absolutely necessary. It is recommended that you have the latest antivirus and good disinfectant tools

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