iOS 14.5 fixes the incorrect battery condition on iPhone 11

by nativetechdoctor
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The 6th beta of iOS 14.5 is in beta testing, introducing a new process to recalibrate battery health reports on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

According to MacRumors, in its support document, Apple says the update will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and maximum performance capacity on iPhone 11 models to resolve inaccurate estimates of the love report. battery status that some users have encountered.

Symptoms of this error include unwanted battery drain or, in some cases, decreased peak performance. According to Apple, inaccurate battery status reports do not reflect actual battery health issues.

Once the update is installed, iPhone 11 users will see a notification under Settings> Battery> Battery Status. However, the recalibration process reported by Apple can take several weeks.

Recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance takes place during normal charge cycles, and this can take a few weeks. The maximum capacity percentage displayed will not change during recalibration. The highest performance capability can be updated, but this may go unnoticed by most users. If the previous battery downgrade notification is displayed, it will be cleared after updating to iOS 14.5.

When the recalibration is complete, the maximum capacity percentage and the best possible performance information will be updated. If the recalibration shows that the battery health has actually decreased significantly, users will see a battery service notification.

In some cases, recalibration may not be successful and a battery service message will pop up. Apple says it will replace these affected batteries for free to restore full performance and capacity.

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