iPhone can mimic the user’s voice after just a few minutes of training

by nativetechdoctor

Apple is reportedly testing a new set of accessibility features called Personal Voice that will allow iPhone users to create a digital voice that resembles their natural voice.

According to GizChina, Personal Voice will allow users to create their own voice on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This voice can be used for verbal communication in various situations, including face-to-face chats, phone calls, and FaceTime

This feature is specifically designed for people at risk of losing the ability to speak. For example, people with ALS or other conditions that can affect their ability to speak. Users need to record 15 minutes of their natural voice to create Personal Voice.

Personal Voice is part of a set of accessibility features in Apple Larger. In addition, the company also announced a new Live Speech feature that allows Apple users who are unable to speak or have lost their voice to express their thoughts clearly. Users can use it to type what they want to say and say it out loud during phone calls, FaceTime, and live chats. Users can also save frequently used phrases for quick imitation in chats. Later this year, Live Speech will be available to all iPhone, iPad, and Mac users.

The new Personal Voice and Live Speech features are an important step for Apple toward making its products more accessible. These features are a valuable tool for people with speech impairments and those with voice loss. They can help users of iPhones and other Apple-enabled devices communicate more effectively and participate more fully in everyday life

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