It will soon be possible to use OneDrive on a browser without internet

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft has recently released an offline mode for the web version of OneDrive, providing users with access to their files and enabling them to work efficiently even without an internet connection. This new feature is a part of OneDrive’s initiative to enhance its capabilities, allowing users to access their data stored on the cloud service anytime and on more devices.

This offline mode enables OneDrive users to access the Home, My Files, Shared, Favorites, People, and Meeting tabs without a network connection. Users can also rename, organize, move, and copy files offline, and any changes made will be synchronized automatically once an internet connection is available.

In addition to improving offline data access, the new offline mode also accelerates file downloads and file interactions in the browser, OneDrive, Teams, and Outlook apps by up to 3 times. The offline mode uses local storage to store file metadata, minimizing disruptions due to cloud service limitations.

This enhanced offline mode is now available globally to personal and business accounts. Still, to use this feature, users must have the latest Windows or macOS version of the OneDrive app and use the Edge or Chrome browser. However, Microsoft has not yet announced any plans to expand the offline mode to other browsers and Microsoft account types.

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