Lenovo enhances AI technology on new product lines

by nativetechdoctor
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Lenovo has recently announced an impressive lineup of devices that will be equipped with the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology. From personal devices to cloud services, Lenovo’s new product lines promise superior features, speed, and creativity while ensuring security and reliability for its users.

These latest-generation PCs will come with Intel Core Ultra processors, virtual assistant Copilot on Windows 11, and new-generation laptops like Lenovo Yoga, Lenovo Legion, and the AI-powered Lenovo LOQ. The integration of AI technology in these innovative devices is expected to further enhance users’ capabilities, bringing new standards in performance, flexibility, and outstanding performance across the Asia-Pacific region.

Lenovo’s latest high-end Yoga laptops, equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors, are designed to handle graphics-intensive tasks and heavy workloads with ease, increasing creativity for all users. The device is also equipped with a PureSight Pro screen with color correction or a high-quality PureSight OLED screen that provides outstanding brightness, contrast, and accurate color display, meeting the creative requirements of visual works such as graphic design and film editing.

These new laptops come with the Copilot key, which is a shortcut to access the AI-powered Copilot virtual assistant on Windows. This assistant provides users with relevant and useful information from many online sources, supporting the ability to create and collaborate while also helping with more focused work. The Lenovo Yoga 9i 2-in-1 and Lenovo Yoga Pro 9i laptops are also integrated with Lenovo AI Engine+ and are operated by Lenovo LA AI Core chip, which uses machine learning algorithms to optimize system performance and increase highly personalized computing experience.

The latest Lenovo Yoga product line also comes with Lenovo Creator Zone, a privacy-preserving generative AI (Gen AI) application that helps convert text or sketch requests into finished images. Select Lenovo Yoga Pro laptops also support image training, with which users can train a personalized model that learns and generates images according to their style and preferences.

Overall, Lenovo’s latest product portfolio promises to bring users across the Asia-Pacific region new standards in performance, flexibility, and outstanding performance while ensuring security and reliability.

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