Meta allows blocking Instagram from tracking users

by nativetechdoctor
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Meta recently said it is expanding the ability to disable tracking for Instagram.

According to The Verge, with this update, users can see which businesses are sharing information with Meta and can disconnect specific activities or delete collected information.

The new feature is called Activity Off-Meta Technologies and is located in the Account Center, which was previously only available to Facebook. Meta receives information from websites using their business tools like Meta Pixel, which helps the social network track users across the web platform to serve personalized ads

Meta also announced a number of features that will be available in Account Center including transferring users’ photos and videos from Instagram to other services. It is still unclear which services users can transfer information to, Meta only gives the example of using a third-party service to create and print photo albums from Instagram. The new update also allows users to download information from both Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time.

Meta’s Account Center announced improvements in January, allowing users to control settings on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger accounts. It’s also tweaking its approach to advertising by providing transparency, showing why users are seeing certain ads, and rolling out a new ad delivery system.

Meta is facing compliance with new European Union (EU) rules that make its targeted ads more difficult. CNN said the group is considering a paid subscription service in the EU so users have the option to skip ads

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