Meta brings ‘Notification Channel’ feature to Messenger and Facebook

by nativetechdoctor
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“Notification channel” is considered a useful tool for content creators to update their status to followers.

The “Broadcast channels” feature has been present on Instagram before, with the main use to update information from content creators without having to create posts on their pages. In the latest announcement, Meta said it will soon bring this feature to Facebook and Messenger, expected in the next few weeks.

Initially, the “Notification Channel” will be available for Facebook fan page managers to update information similar to how it works for content creators on Instagram. Page administrators can use many small features in the “Notification Channel” such as creating polls to receive feedback from the following community, sending behind-the-scenes photos or videos of an event, using voice notes

CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Meta is testing the ability for fanpage administrators to create their own “Notification Channel”. As soon as the channel is created and messages sent, page followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel. Here, only accounts that are channel owners are allowed to create messages, the remaining members can interact with that content, vote on polls…

It should be noted that when joining a channel, users will by default receive notifications (on their personal accounts) every time the channel posts new content. To avoid being disturbed, they can turn off notifications for this channel (press the silence icon in the upper right corner of the title name)

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