Meta shuts down three games on Oculus for unknown reasons

by nativetechdoctor
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Three games on the Oculus virtual reality platform have been discontinued by Meta without explanation.

According to The Verge, similar to the previous game Echo VR (also known as Echo Arena), Meta suddenly ended operations with three other games on the Rift and Quest virtual reality glasses, including Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo.

In an email sent to users, Meta announced that Dead and Buried will no longer be supported on Rift, Rift S, or Quest devices as of March 15, 2024. UploadVR and Road to VR report that owners of the Dead and Buried II shooting game series and virtual pet simulator Bogo are also receiving shutdown notices, which are also set for March 15, 2019. after.

In particular, Bogo is not an online game with online server requirements to operate. So shutting down the game instead of choosing the simpler solution of marking it as incompatible with newer devices is quite confusing. As for Dead and Buried II, this is a $20 game, but it’s unclear whether Meta will refund the money buyers spent to own the game.

Despite the announcement of the discontinuation of support, Meta did not provide any explanation as to the reason for this move. It seems that the company is still following the old solution of ending product support without a specific reason. Previously, the game Echo Arena was also treated like that, but then Meta’s CTO Andrew Bosworth had to give his own explanation after the incident.

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