Microsoft will discontinue Windows 10 in 2 years

by nativetechdoctor
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Two years is the remaining support period for Windows 10 as Microsoft will end the update cycle for Windows 10 to push users to upgrade to Windows 11.

According to GearRice, on October 14, 2025, 10 years from the launch of Windows 10, the Home and Pro versions of this operating system will no longer be supported by Microsoft, just like what happened with Windows 7 and Windows 10. XP. Microsoft’s discontinuation of support does not mean the end of this operating system, but upgrading is inevitable if users are concerned about security issues

Two years after Microsoft launched Windows 11, about 71% of users still use Windows 10, according to data from research firm Statcounter. For its part, Windows 11 accounts for about 23% – that’s a good adoption rate given the operating system’s rather demanding hardware requirements. But that is not enough to ensure the new system can surpass Windows 10 before October 14, 2025.

Steam data is somewhat more optimistic, showing a 37.43% market share for Windows 11, while Windows 10 holds a 57.97% market share. However, gamers are more likely to update their device hardware more frequently, which makes the process of upgrading to Windows 11 easier.

After Microsoft ends support for Windows 10, software manufacturers will also stop supporting this operating system, although no specific date has been given, it could be months or even years.

It is unclear whether Microsoft will consider extending the life cycle of Windows 10 if it continues to hold a large market share. However, looking at the company’s business with ESU (extended support updates), there doesn’t seem to be too much reason for optimism. Therefore, when the time comes for the end of support, it may be time for users to update to Windows 11 or even go straight to Windows 12

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