Nintendo is still ambitious to produce more Switch

by nativetechdoctor

The Switch console is being planned by Nintendo to increase production even though it has entered its 7th year.

According to VGC, Nintendo is said to be planning to ramp up production of more Switches to meet the strong demand for the company’s aging console.

Previously in November 2022, the Japanese game company reported a drop of 2 million units in the Switch’s projected sales for the current financial year ending March 2023, going from 21 million to 19 million.

However, according to Bloomberg, strong consumer demand coupled with declining component shortages has prompted the company to increase production of consoles in the next fiscal year starting April 2023, also the time when Switch enters its 7th year on the market.

The Switch is the best-selling console in Europe, the US, and Japan in 2022.

Nintendo said last May that transitioning from the Switch to a next-generation device was a central goal for the company, but plans to increase Switch production in the upcoming financial year suggest a successor to the Switch. probably won’t launch before 2024.

But according to UBS Securities analyst Kenji Fukuyama, he was less optimistic about the Switch’s outlook, telling Bloomberg: “Recent holiday sales haven’t been strong even as supply improves. . People will soon start speculating about the next-gen console and likely won’t buy the Switch. Slowing sales momentum of Switch is inevitable.”

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