OneDrive welcomes a whole bunch of new features, goodbye to accidental deletions

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft unveils exciting updates for OneDrive, their popular cloud backup system. Among the highlights are a new file explorer and enhanced security measures to prevent accidental deletions. OneDrive allows users to easily access their files across multiple devices, including PCs and mobile devices. Additionally, it offers the convenience of sharing data with third parties.

Microsoft’s latest presentation showcased the upcoming features, emphasizing improved security and user-friendly design changes. Stay tuned for a more secure and user-centric experience with OneDrive.

Microsoft is introducing new features to make OneDrive more user-friendly. These upcoming updates include a warning when deleting files, ensuring shared users are notified, and the ability to delete shared shortcuts without deleting the original file. The file explorer is getting a facelift with larger recommended files and essential information on the side window.

OneDrive settings will be slightly modified, prioritizing important features and allowing administrators to choose which files to synchronize. These enhancements will be rolled out in the coming months. So, stay patient and get ready for an improved OneDrive experience.

Source: Microsoft 

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