OpenAI seeks to bring ChatGPT into the classroom

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Since artificial intelligence (AI) technology exploded, students using it to cheat in their studies has always been a burning problem. Despite the controversy, OpenAI company is trying to combine ChatGPT chatbot with teaching.

OpenAI CEO Brad Lightcap said most teachers are trying to figure out how to integrate ChatGPT into their curriculum and teaching methods, so the company wants to solve this problem by forming a team of research staff. Research AI applications in education.

Supported by billions of dollars from software giant Microsoft, O penAI initiated the generative AI craze in November 2022 after launching the ChatGPT chatbot and turning it into one of the fastest-growing applications in the world.

Thanks to training with huge amounts of data, generative AI can help users take tests, complete assignments, and even write a novel. However, these tools quickly fell into the sights of the authorities. The European Union (EU) has amended its AI Act, while the US is trying to find a way to regulate this technology.

According to SCMP, the launch of ChatGPT in the middle of the school year also made teachers worried that it would cause a wave of cheating in learning, many schools have decided to ban students from using ChatGPT.

Lightcap said many teachers thought chatbots were the worst thing to ever happen, but within just a few months, they began to realize the benefits that ChatGPT brought. OpenAI believes that ChaGPT is a powerful learning support tool and is working with educators across the US to improve this chatbot. This is a necessary action to help teachers be aware of the benefits and risks of AI and understand how to apply ChatGPT in the classroom.

OpenAI has partnered with online learning platform Khan Academy to create AI tutors, working with Schmidt Futures to provide grants to educational groups in difficult places. According to estimates by research company HolonIQ, global education and training costs will reach 10,000 billion USD by 2030.

Former OpenAI employee Andrew Mayne says there are countless ways to use ChatGPT in the classroom. For teachers, ChatGPT will help write a more interesting curriculum, such as creating an introduction to a new lesson in Old English for a class on the Middle Ages. For students, chatbots can act as tutors or adjust content to suit different learning styles.

However, many people worry that children’s privacy will be affected if schools encourage the use of ChatGPT. Each country will have different laws protecting children’s privacy online. Although ChatGPT requires users aged 13-18 to have parental permission to use, most countries do not have a verification process. age verification.

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