Samsung begins testing 6G network in the US

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Samsung Electronics has just announced the start of ambitious tests for 6G network technology in the 12.7 GHz – 13.25 GHz frequency band in Plano, Texas (USA).

According to TechGoing, to pursue testing the capabilities of next-generation (6G) mobile networks, Samsung has applied for a radio frequency license from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The tests will include the use of a prototype base station and up to 32 mobile radios, with Samsung emphasizing the importance of the 12.7 GHz – 13.25 GHz band for 6G network technology .

Initial findings from Samsung’s trials demonstrate significant demand for spectrum-driven 6G applications such as Extended Reality (XR), holographic communications, and general communications and sensing. Furthermore, 6G technology is expected to surpass 5G performance in areas such as peak data speed, latency, traffic density, connection density, mobility, spectrum efficiency, and capacity. positioning ability.

first attempt This is not Samsung at 6G networks. In 2021, the Korean company applied for a radio frequency license covering a 500-meter radius in Texas, laying the foundation for its 6G initiatives. In November of the same year, Samsung began testing the 6G project.

In July 2020, Samsung published a white paper to outline its vision of 6G network technology. The company aims to revolutionize wireless connectivity and create hyper-connected experiences across every aspect of life. It is expected that 6G networks will be commercialized around 2030. With continuous advances in 6G technology, Samsung is at the forefront of shaping the future of wireless connectivity and promoting technological innovation

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