Sony reveals PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ edition

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The new PlayStation 5 model has a thinner appearance, and lighter weight, but a large storage capacity and power equivalent to previous models.

According to GadgetMatch, Sony has just proven that a rumor that has been circulating for a long time is true. Accordingly, the company announced a new PlayStation 5 model with a thinner and smaller design than the previous PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. The new model also has both physical and digital disc versions, and especially upgraded storage capacity with a 1TB SSD

Sony said the new PlayStation 5 model will be 30% thinner, 18% lighter than the physical disc model, or 24% lighter than the digital model. Both new models will have a design of 4 body panels instead of 2 as before. The top has a glossy finish while the bottom has a matte finish.

In addition to using a 1TB PCIe Gen 4 NVMe SSD, Sony will also allow owners of the digital PlayStation 5 ‘Slim’ to use a removable Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive. In addition, there will be a secondary NVMe slot and the company removed the USB-A port on the front, changing it to 2 standard USB-C ports.

In terms of power, the new model still uses an AMD Ryzen 2 CPU with 8 cores, a GPU based on AMD’s RDNA2 architecture with ray tracing capabilities, and supports 4K 120Hz refresh rate, as well as 16GB RAM memory. All are similar to previous PlayStation 5 consoles.

In terms of price, both the disc and digital versions cost 499.99 USD. model The new PlayStation 5 will be available for sale by Sony in November

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