The identity of the next Call of Duty game was suddenly leaked

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A sequel to the Call of Duty game for 2024 is rumored to be developed by the company Treyarch.

According to Neowin, Modern Warfare III has completed the Call of Duty franchise’s annual release schedule, now curiosity is starting to turn towards 2024’s next game. Although there are still a few months to go. official announcement, but a new report may have shed some light on the next Call of Duty installment.

As sources with knowledge of the game’s development told Windows Central, the upcoming title will take players back to the 90s to focus on the Gulf War. Its title is also quite simply Black Ops: Gulf War .

Reports say that the campaign mode will focus on the CIA. As for multiplayer, leaks suggest that popular maps from the previous Black Ops series like Grind and WMD are returning. Furthermore, a zombie mode is also said to arrive in the sequel.

According to the report, pre-order bonuses are also planned, with early access being the main focus. For Black Ops: Gulf War, the early access period for customers who pre-order the game can be several weeks for multiplayer, while the campaign mode can be unlocked a few days before debut.

This Call of Duty installment is said to be the first entry in the series that took four years to develop. With the number of developers that Activision is supporting for the shooting game franchise, a new game is usually developed within 2 – 3 years. However, some reports say that this year’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III only received 16 months of development time before launch, leading to a less-than-expected reception.

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