The US uses AI to detect dangerous weapons in public places

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Recently, the US has been testing an AI-powered system that uses advanced sensors and ultra-low frequency electromagnetic fields to detect dangerous weapons, such as guns, bombs, and knives, in subway systems. The system is being developed by a company called Evolv, which specializes in weapon detection technology.

New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, has announced that the city will soon test Evolv’s AI technology to detect guns at subway turnstiles. This follows an incident at a Brooklyn subway station where a man was injured in a gunfight.

The pilot program is set to last for 90 days and is being implemented under the POST Act, which requires the New York Police Department to announce new surveillance technologies before deployment.

According to Evolv’s CEO, Peter George, the scanning system will work like a metal detector, but with the added benefit of AI. The system can detect any type of dangerous weapon, even if they are hidden.

Despite concerns regarding the accuracy of the Evolv scanner, Mayor Adams believes that the technology can save lives and has a responsibility to implement it in practice. The scanner has had some misidentifications, such as identifying an umbrella as a gun. However, the mayor remains optimistic that the system will be effective in detecting weapons and preventing incidents.

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