Touch ID will not return on iPhone SE 4

by nativetechdoctor
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A source has hinted at the possibility of saying goodbye to Apple’s iconic Touch ID.

According to TechRadar, since Apple introduced Face ID and began removing Touch ID on all iPhone models in 2017, there have been many statements and rumors that the company will bring back the fingerprint sensor in 2017. sometime in the future. However, a new report seems to refute that idea completely.

Information released on the Chinese social networking site Weibo said Apple has no plans to bring Touch ID back on its upcoming iPhones. The user who shared this claim has previously made credible predictions and leaks about Apple products. In addition, the leaked account further revealed that most of Apple’s Touch ID production capabilities have been discontinued, suggesting that the company has no plans to deploy the technology again on its devices anytime soon.

Currently, the only Apple phone that still uses Touch ID is the iPhone SE. However, that may not last long, as rumors suggest that the iPhone SE 4 – expected to launch in 2024 – will use Face ID, officially bringing facial recognition technology to the mainstream. iPhones that Apple sells.

Touch ID will no longer be present on iPhones in the future

Speaking of Touch ID, there have long been rumors that Apple is researching a new type of Touch ID located under the screen for future iPhones, but this idea doesn’t make much sense considering what Apple has said.

Specifically, when the iPhone X, the first Apple phone to use Face ID, was launched in 2017, Apple advertised Face ID as much more secure than Touch ID. The company said that while Touch ID has a 1 in 50,000 chance of being bypassed, Face ID’s odds are much lower, at just 1 in 1,000,000.

So the idea of ​​Apple bringing back technology that they consider less secure is unlikely to happen. In addition, not to mention that Touch ID has disadvantages such as difficulty operating if fingers are wet or when hands are busy holding, it can be seen that Face ID is not only safer but also much more convenient.

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