What changes with iOS 15.4

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iOS version 15.4 has been available for beta testing for several weeks.

With its iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 updates for the iPhone and iPad, Apple is adding a host of new features to the latest iOS operating systems. So, iOS 15.4 is the biggest update of iOS 15.

Among the novelties, Universal Control, Face ID with a mask, new emojis, and other small surprises such as an adjustment for the brightness of the keyboard on iPad, Tap to Pay, new options for SharePlay, notifications for Safari web apps, etc.

iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 will be available beginning the week of March 13. Note that they are already available for download for members of the Apple beta program.

AirTag Alerts

With its update, Apple is rolling out the first anti-harassment features for its AirTag tracker.

Thus, from the first configuration and as an anti-harassment alert, Apple will tell the user what not to do with its trackers. This will be complemented by a new function for alerting and locating an AirTag potentially following the user.

Another feature implemented in case of insecurity: emergency calls. With this update, the emergency call feature will be introduced when an iPhone first boots. It will be accompanied by an invitation to check the corresponding settings, for example, the choice of contact for the emergency call.

Notes to avoid forgetting passwords

iCloud Keychain users can now add notes to any password entry. And this is for all the login credentials that the user has saved. The operation can be done from the iOS password manager.

This feature allows you to “classify” passwords by keywords. For example, for his bank, the user can add the note “wallet” to find his password more easily.

Hide Password Alerts in iCloud Keychain

For passwords stored in iCloud Keychain, Apple provides security recommendations if they are weak or compromised. Yet, in some cases, changing passwords seems impossible.

Thanks to the new update, it is possible to deactivate these alerts by pressing the “x” button located next to the alert. Put simply, this action will hide the security recommendation so that it does not appear in the main Passwords section of the Settings app.

The generalized 120 Hz on iPhone 13 Pro

Today, the iPhone 13 Pro are the only ones to benefit from a ProMotion screen. This allows them to reach a refresh rate of 120 Hz. But this functionality was limited to a single model, until today only certain applications were compatible. The others were limited to 60 Hz.

Thanks to iOS 15.4, all applications are now able to reach 120 Hz.

Note that the refresh rate improves the fluidity of navigation. To understand its process, one must know that all devices are constantly changing the pixels they display to project the appearance of motion. Clearly, the refresh rate represents the number of times the image on a screen can be updated, therefore refreshed, each second.

By way of comparison, Android developed this feature two years ago. Especially on Samsung devices, which offer it on the Galaxy S range.

Universal Control makes its debut

The update also signs the appearance of the “Universal Control” function, which has already been awaited for several months.

This feature allows you to use a Mac and an iPad with common peripherals. For example, use the keyboard of his Mac on his iPad, without prior configuration. In practice, the Mac will automatically detect the presence of an iPad nearby. Thanks to this connection, the mouse then changes the screen if the user moves it.

Simply put, “Universal Control” lets you use a single cursor and keyboard to control iPads and Macs signed in to the same iCloud account.

Use Face ID with a mask

With iOS 15.4, iPhones can recognize their owner when they wear a mask. The device is therefore limited to an analysis of the eye contour. Namely that before, only owners of an Apple Watch could unlock their iPhone with a mask.

Face ID with a mask can be used to authenticate Apple Pay transactions and logins to third-party apps.

Small detail, this novelty is reserved for owners of iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Also, it works with glasses but is not compatible with sunglasses.

Lots of new emojis

Many emojis are appearing. In all, the update includes 37 new ones.

Among them, the “heart with fingers”, the “melting face”, the “attention”, a salute, an emoji biting his lips, or even the “pregnant man”. The latter has been controversial for several weeks.

Fixed a security bug

Other changes include a privacy bug fix. Indeed, Apple has definitely fixed a worrying security flaw.

This allowed the company’s servers to receive audio recordings from Siri and Dictation. And this, even if the user had not allowed the sharing of this information.

Download iOS 15.4 Beta

To download the beta version of the update, the user must enroll in Apple’s Beta Software Program. Then just download the configuration profile from Apple.

Once this has been done, it is possible to find the latest beta version by following this path: Settings > General > Software update > Download and install.

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