WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram support chat with Meta AI

by nativetechdoctor
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Meta currently integrates Meta AI into its platforms, allowing users to try it out on WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram.

According to Android Authority, Meta has just announced that the company’s Meta AI virtual assistant is now available for users in the US to interact across the company’s main messaging apps. To interact with Meta AI, start a new message and select Create an AI chat on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram.

Users can also type @MetaAI in the group chat, followed by the command they want the assistant to help with. If using Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, users can say “Hey Meta” out loud.

Meta AI on Messenger and Instagram now has a new feature called Reimagine that takes an AI-generated image and allows friends in a group chat to remix that image with other text prompts. They just need to long press/hold the created image and add a reminder text to create a revision.

Meta AI can also be used to explore Reels now. Users can now request to have videos shown in their Meta AI chat and they will be served with relevant reels for search queries.

On Facebook, Meta AI can help users create birthday greetings, edit Feed posts, and draft introductions for Facebook Dating profiles. Meta is also testing ways to easily create and share AI-generated images on Facebook, like using AI to convert images from landscape to portrait orientation for easier sharing on Stories.

Meta AI is being used to enable creators to respond to their community messages more effectively. For creators participating in the test, Meta AI will help craft relevant responses to direct messages.

Meta is also using Meta AI beyond chats. The LLM technology behind the assistant is used to give people options for AI-generated suggestions for comment posts, and community chat topics in groups, provide search results, and even enhance Highly described products in Shops.

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