Which company owns the most Bitcoins in the world?

by nativetechdoctor
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According to CoinTelegraph, MicroStrategy Company currently owns more than 130,000 Bitcoins, accounting for 0.62% of all Bitcoins, and is considered the company that owns the most Bitcoins on the planet.

On his personal Twitter, on September 20, Michael Saylor – founder of MicroStrategy just announced that the company has spent an additional $ 6 million to buy 301 Bitcoins, each purchased for about $ 19,851.

The recent plunge in the price of Bitcoin has significantly affected MicroStrategy’s investment. The company spent 3.98 billion USD to buy 130,000 Bitcoins at 30,639 USD each. Compared to current prices, MicroStrategy is losing more than 1 billion USD.

Michael Saylor has also resigned as CEO of MicroStrategy to focus on Bitcoin investing. He said he currently holds 17,732 Bitcoins. But recently Michael Saylor faced tax evasion charges from Attorney General Karl Racine of Washington, DC. The Attorney General said Michael Saylor has lived in DC for more than ten years but has never paid taxes.

MicroStrategy is a company operating in business intelligence ( BI), mobile software, and cloud services, founded in 1989. In recent years, the company has turned to Bitcoin accumulation investment. under the leadership of Michael Saylor.

According to Decrypt, besides MicroStrategy, the companies that own a lot of Bitcoin include Galaxy Digital Holdings (16,400 Bitcoin), Voyager Digital (12,260 Bitcoin), then Tesla (10,725 Bitcoin), based on figures from bitcointreasuries.org

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