Why are users returning their Apple Vision Pro?

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According to The Verge users, many Vision Pros have recently started returning this product to Apple. “Hard to believe, but I indeed returned the device. This device is uncomfortable to wear and causes eye strain,” Verge Product Manager Parker Otolani posted on social network Threads.

He commented that the Vision Pro is a “future device” and works great, but is not worth the “physical” sacrifice for him at this time. Parker affirmed that if in the next version, Apple can improve the feeling of wearing, he will continue to use the product.

Rjey, a famous figure in the technology field in the US, also complained when wearing this product. “Vision Pro is probably the most overwhelming technology product I’ve ever tried, but I couldn’t stand the headache after 10 minutes of wearing it,” Rjey shared on his personal X page. In the comments section of the post, many people also shared the same opinion when they were very impressed with the technology and features of Apple’s head-worn virtual reality (VR) glasses, but still wanted to return the device.

There are many reasons why Vision Pro buyers want to return the device. On Threads, illustrator Olga Zalite said she was not impressed with the machine’s capabilities, at least for her work. Olga believes that this VR glasses model is not suitable for use by many people in the business and also has problems when wearing it.

“Opening the Vision Pro box feels like a birthday cake because it comes in an absurdly large box. It must be emphasized that it is extremely large, bigger than anything on my desk, and smaller than anything else. screen. I still don’t understand how such a device can be suitable for a company when configured as a single-user device. We plan to log in with a common Apple ID here to use, but honestly Speaking of which, I’m no longer interested. Mainly because the device is not suitable for work, and I feel dizzy when looking at the Figma design application screen interface,” Olga shared.

In addition, she also thinks that the Vision Pro screen resolution is worse than when looking at the MacBook screen the usual way. Having to look at other types of screens while wearing Vision Pro also makes your eyes tired and tired quickly. Weight is also a problem as it is difficult for her to wear it continuously for more than 20 minutes on her head and every time she takes it off, she feels dizzy and has to sit down to stabilize it

Carter Gibson – senior management specialist at Google, believes that managing Windows and files through Vision Pro affects work performance. “It’s very difficult to multitask between application ‘windows’ on the Vision Pro, and some file formats are not yet supported,” Gibson said.

On Reddit, members also indicated their intention to return Vision Pro to the manufacturer. According to a user with the account GlobalPerception593, the device’s problem lies in not working as expected in both work and entertainment.

“Frankly speaking, Vision Pro is a technological masterpiece. The eye tracking feature is hard to match with any other company at the moment, and the interface is also satisfactory. If there had been a larger application ecosystem since its launch, eyes, maybe I would keep the product. But for work or entertainment, it’s still not in the range,” GlobalPerception593 shared. According to him, what he wants is to lie down on a chair to play games, or sit at a large table with a 4K resolution screen to work, without the need to wear a machine on his head, covering his eyes and face. at least for now.

However, the technology world also believes that there is a group of users who are taking advantage of Apple’s 14-day product return policy to experience Vision Pro and then request a refund. The device is not cheap, up to 3,500 USD, and is not a product that everyone can willingly buy, experience, and then keep in the house without being able to use it (because of physical or health problems)

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