Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch are coming soon

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft has just announced that it will officially provide Windows 365 Boot and Windows 365 Switch on September 26 for business and individual users.

The new feature of Windows 365 Boot allows employees of companies to access their personal computers and go straight to the virtual desktop ( Cloud PC ).

Microsoft says this is a great solution for shared devices. By simply logging in with a unique user identity, employees can access a personalized and secure Cloud PC, according to Neowin.

The public release of Windows 365 Boot will also come with a number of new features including support for Bluetooth wireless devices, support for multiple cloud PCs, as well as cloud desktops. Windows 365 Frontline platform.

The new version also includes new settings such as screen timeout settings, along with new security baseline configurations.

Also on September 26, Windows 365 Switch will launch. Microsoft launched a public preview in August. The feature allows users to switch between a Windows 11 PC and a cloud version simply by clicking an icon on the Windows taskbar.

This solution is suitable for people who have a personal computer at home and need to log in remotely to access their Cloud PC for work.

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