YouTube supports creators with AI dubbing

by nativetechdoctor
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Aloud is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that helps YouTube creators create voiceovers for videos to bring content to more viewers.

Aloud was introduced a few months ago at the VidCon event, with the task of supporting users and content creators to dub their own videos (into other languages). Recently, the company officially announced this new tool along with Dream Screen – another feature also built on AI.

Thanks to the new “assistant”, creators can bring their content to more viewers and the dubbing creation process will be by AI handled. The world’s leading video-sharing platform is also planning to equip many new features with AI integration in the near future.

Dream Screen is an experimental feature, allows content creators to create videos or background images simply by using commands to ask AI to perform. This will be a new tool for those focusing on YouTube’s short videos (Shorts).

In addition, there is also the appearance of YouTube Create, a mobile application that has a trial version for devices running the Android operating system in certain markets. This software is free and can be used to create clips to post to Shorts or longer videos. Content creators can edit, and add background music, subtitles… and many other options directly on the phone.

tool Another artificial intelligence coming soon is AI Insights, which is designed to give creators suggestions based on what viewers have been watching on YouTube. According to confirmation from the company’s representative, more than 70% of survey participants during the testing of the above feature confirmed that this tool is useful to them.

Assistive Search is an AI tool that is also being tested, allowing creators to search for background music for their videos by typing a description of the content they created. Thanks to AI, the feature can automatically suggest music tracks that artificial intelligence thinks are most suitable for the content described.

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