5 Tips to Improve Battery Life in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

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Discharging a battery is a type that most of us encounter at one time or another. Sometimes the problem can be caused by a hidden error that doesn’t seem to come from anywhere. In other cases, the problem might be performance-hungry features that can run without validation. In both cases, your device is at the end of the reception. If you spend more time charging your iPhone and save time using your device, you can already control the problem. Because this is an ongoing problem, we are always looking for ways to resolve this problem. And if we look deeper into the software, we can find the best battery life tips for the iPhone and iPad with iOS 13 or iPadOS 13, which can immediately solve the problem.

Best Tips to Extend Battery Life on iPhone and iPad

How do we solve the problem of battery removal? Well, the latest version of iOS offers many features to extend battery life. And if used intelligently, they can immediately resume publication. Not to mention they do more than just control performance-hungry functions. In that case, let’s increase the iOS 13 power consumption by catching the culprit!

1. Enable Low Data Mode

Wait a minute before wondering why you need to enable low data mode to maximize battery life on your iPhone or iPad. If you enable this function to save data, all power-hungry functions will be automatically deactivated, e.g. For example, updating background applications, downloading applications and updates automatically, video games and more. Not only does it store a lot of data, but it also extends the battery life of your iPadOS 13 or iOS 13 devices.

  • To continue, open Settings app > Cellular/Mobile Data > Cellular/Mobile Data Options.
  • Now turn on the Low Data Mode switch.

2. Close all Safari tabs automatically

Safari is not only probably the safest web browser, but also very efficient. Compared to colleagues like Google Chrome, Apple’s web browser requires fewer resources. Therefore, it consumes far less battery than most web browsers. But if you start it for free, it can give your device power. One of the smartest ways to prevent apps from wasting a lot of energy is to close open tabs automatically. On iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can configure the application to automatically clean all open tabs after one day. That way, you can keep the application running smoothly and keep your device healthier.

To use this feature, go to Settings> Safari> Close tab and select the desired option.

3. Share Location Only Once

Site tracking is one of the most subtle features that I have come across. And if you don’t take control, your device will continue to struggle for a long time to maintain power. Fortunately, Apple has offered to release the site only once for one application. Therefore, they must ask for your permission every time they need access to your location. That is not all, they must provide a valid reason to track your location data. This can not only extend battery life but also increase security and privacy. When the application starts tracking your location, you will immediately receive a notification with many options. From the pop-up menu, choose Allow once. The next time the application attempts to take over your location, it will need your approval again.

4. Disable Background App Refresh

The Refresh Background App is known to consume a lot of battery. And I don’t think you will be surprised that that’s also a lot of data. So, if you find that your iPhone is running out of power or can no longer meet your needs, silencing apps entirely in the background is a reasonable choice.

To deactivate, start the Settings>Background App Refresh. Then, select Off.

5. Enable Low Power Mode

There is no summary of the best battery saving tips for the iPhone that can be completed without “low power”, right? It was first introduced on iOS 9 and is one of my favorite features on iOS because it plays an important role in extending battery life. It will still be updated in 2019 as in 2015. Before you turn on the switch, you have to make some compromises. This will temporarily reduce background activity, such as downloading and retrieving emails, until your iPhone is fully charged. Considering the significantly increased battery life, compromise, in my opinion, is worth the effort. So, continue, you too!

First, open the application settings on your iPhone> Battery> and turn on the low mode switch.

I hope these 5 tips will help your phone’s battery to last longer

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