A series of Facebook accounts lost a large number of followers

by nativetechdoctor

Many Facebook users recently said that a few accounts with a high number of followers are only showing up below 10,000 people.

Accordingly, many users on the social network Facebook discovered this morning the number of followers (followers) of many famous people had been reduced to less than 10,000. Initially, most thought that this was a new action of Facebook when it wanted to ‘pay off the number of virtual accounts. But it seems that this is not true when the CEO of this social network, Mark Zuckerberg, also shows only 9,925 followers.

This information also received much attention from press fan pages such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Hill, USA Today, New York Post, and Newsweek all recorded a decrease in numbers from October 3 to 4. The New York Times lost 6,225 followers on Day 3 and 4,944 followers on October 4, and the New York Post lost more than 12,000 followers over the same time period, according to CrowdTangle.

Between April and June 2022, Facebook removed about 1.4 billion accounts suspected of being bots, according to its Community Standards Enforcement Report. In the last three months, 1.6 billion fake accounts have been removed from the platform.

The company’s Transparency Center page says the goal is to remove as many fake accounts as possible. These accounts are determined to be created with malicious intent to violate policy, personal profiles created to represent a business, organization, or non-human entity.

Facebook says it prioritizes enforcement of removing fake accounts that seek to cause harm. Many of these accounts are used in spam campaigns and are financially motivated.

Commenting on this issue, Mr. Nhan Nguyen – an expert in marketing on social networking platforms, said this is just a display error, not the system that scans virtual follow-up accounts. He said Facebook is updating new features, and there is a possibility of this problem, such as Insights, Dashboard features, monetization on personal accounts

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