After the hearing, the US wants to ban TikTok even more

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The explanation of TikTok CEO Shou Chew during the hearing further prompted the US House of Representatives to want to ban TikTok because of national security concerns.

The answers and presentations of CEO Shou Chew before the US House of Representatives during the hearing on March 24 can be considered “catastrophic” – according to famous analyst Dan Ives of Wedbush Securities before and after the event, it seems that the intention to ban TikTok in the US is still intact, even more resolute.

“Your platform should be banned in the United States. You can say anything to avoid that outcome,” said House Energy and Trade Committee Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers opening the hearing. The ceiling lasted almost 5 hours.

During the session, many times, the head of the Committee reminded TikTok leaders to take an oath and an obligation, to tell the truth, but the content of Mr. Chew’s reply was not enough to convince the congressmen of both parties. Bloomberg assesses that what the CEO of TikTok said makes US lawmakers more motivated to force a ban on this platform here.

Nearly 5 hours have passed, and Mr. Chew has faced numerous questions and doubts about the data sharing and sending activities of US users to China. The House of Representatives also requires ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) to divest or will ban the social network from sharing this video. According to the CEO, TikTok is operating independently of ByteDance (headquartered in Beijing, China).

“TikTok’s headquarters are in Singapore and Los Angeles,” said Shou Chew. data He also emphasized that the key is that the US user is “stored on US soil, belonging to an American company and monitored by American employees”. But when asked about the involvement of ByteDance employees in this data, Mr. Chow could not answer definitively.

“We have not seen evidence of that,” the head of TikTok said.

Congressman Bob Latta asked TikTok CEO to answer “yes or no” to the above question, and in response, Shou Chew said, “This is a complicated issue.” The House of Representatives laughed at the business leader’s answer. In another response, Chew did not think that “spying is the right description” when asked about evidence that has been published by Forbes related to ByteDance employees having access to journalists’ TikTok data. America.

In addition to the issue of privacy, security, and safety of user information, the hearing was also “hot” because the moments compiled on the platform led to many teen suicides in the US. TikTok and ByteDance were sued for suggesting to teenagers and young people thousands of videos related to despair, instructions to harm themselves… In today’s hearing room, there was also the appearance of a couple who had lost a child. 16-year-old boy after using TikTok.

There were many questions asked during the session, but the atmosphere of the room was almost always tense. At one point the congressman banged the table and pointed at Chew in the face, showing a sharp attitude.

“We came here hoping to hear concrete things from TikTok to ease our concerns, but so far have not been able to rest assured of anything he has to say. His words have raised more questions than mine. reply”, Summer Congressman Lisa Blunt Rochester admits not happy with what has taken place

According to Congressman Michael McCaul, Mr. Chew’s performance demonstrated that TikTok must be banned or sold. “Mr. Chew’s reply does not address any of the questions from the US House of Representatives,” he said.

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