Amazon launches AI chatbot for businesses

by nativetechdoctor
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At the Amazon Web Services (AWS) event in Las Vegas (USA), the company revealed the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot Q, designed to help users find information, write code, and evaluate numbers and business materials.

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky said there are many useful AI chatbots on the market, but they don’t work effectively in the workplace. According to The Verge, Amazon Q will be a private AI assistant that helps employees perform tasks, such as answering questions about company policies and summarizing and filtering data. Q is expected to compete with competitors such as Copilot, Google’s Duet AI, and ChatGPT Enterprise.

Mr. Selipsky said users can talk to Q in communication or text editing applications, and this chatbot will also appear in the AWS online management console. The service will be able to connect to more than 40 enterprise systems, so people can discuss information stored in Microsoft 365, Dropbox, Salesforce, Zendesk, and S3.

Besides, Selipsky emphasized that the data on Amazon Q will not be used to train any platform models. Amazon Q can recognize the security parameters that businesses have set for employees, so people who are not authorized to access it cannot use Q to obtain data at all.

The preview version of Q is available now, and some of the chatbot’s features are also available for free. After the preview period ends, business subscriptions cost $20/month/person. The version with additional features for developers and IT staff will cost $25. Meanwhile, the Copilot service package for Microsoft 365 and Duet AI for Google Workspace cost $30 for business customers.

Over the years, Amazon has launched many new applications, such as supply chain management tools, email, encrypted messaging, video calling, customer service, and marketing. However, no product has been a huge success, most of the revenue that AWS generates comes from storage and computing services.

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