Amazon stopped licensing facial recognition technology to US police

by nativetechdoctor

According to Amazon, the company will revoke the license to use police face recognition software from Amazon Rekogservation. US police units are banned from using it for a year. However, the company will continue to activate organizations such as the International Center for Missing and Rape Children to continue to use commercial versions of this face recognition software to find victims. Human trafficking or harassment.

In a press release, Amazon said, “We have recommended that the government introduce stricter rules to ethically control the use of facial recognition technology in the coming days. It seems that the US Congress is ready to support this proposal. We hope that this one-year ban can give Congress enough time to set the right rules and we are ready to work together if there is such a request. “

According to CNET, a temporary ban was imposed only days after IBM’s pioneers stepped out of the face recognition market, fearing that technology, especially the police, could not be controlled. America. However, data protection advocates who speak out against Amazon are skeptical of the ban and urged Congress to push for a total ban on face recognition technology. instead of just “stopping”.

Earlier, Amazon’s transfer of the Rekognition facial recognition software to U.S. law enforcement agencies has caused a lot of controversy, from the software’s low accuracy to the way it is used for operations. Small surveillance like petty theft. Amazon employees themselves have objected to this partnership.

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