Android 14 may support satellite messaging

by nativetechdoctor

Android’s source code indicates that Google may work with Garmin to bring two-way emergency satellite messaging to the most popular mobile operating system.

While Apple is the first known company to bring two-way emergency satellite messaging to the masses, the feature will likely be available to Android users soon. According to SamMobile, code discovered by a developer indicates that the satellite emergency messaging feature is coming to Google Messages. This code has references to Garmin and satellite messaging.

There is currently no official information from Google or Garmin, users will have to wait for Android 14 to launch later this year to know whether this feature will become official or not.

Garmin has a range of satellite messaging devices, including the InReach Messenger and InReach Mini 2. The devices take advantage of Iridium’s 66-satellite constellation work well, and reliably, and are the best. Handy device in emergencies even in areas without cellular coverage.

To bring satellite messages to smartphones, Google will need devices capable of connecting to satellites, which is currently quite limited. Smartphones like the Cat S75 have built-in satellite antennas, but if Google plans to include this feature in Android 14, it’s possible that manufacturers like Samsung, and Motorola will add satellite support soon.

Currently, the satellite emergency SOS feature on iPhone is free for 2 years after activating iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. These devices are not yet 1 year old so it is unclear how much Apple will charge. for this service. Meanwhile, the Garmin inReach service is quite expensive, the basic plan is $14.95 per month to get access to the SOS messaging feature

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