How to keep smartphone battery from premature failure?

by nativetechdoctor

To keep the smartphone battery from getting old and suddenly damaged is to prevent the component from charging to 100% because the battery life depends on the number of cycles it has.

According to PhoneArena, each charge cycle is counted when the user charges the smartphone from 0% to 100%, and when the user has charged the battery to the maximum number of times, they will have to replace the battery with a new one. By preventing the phone battery from reaching 100%, users can stop a full cycle from happening and extend the time it takes for the battery to complete a charge cycle.

SlashGear, a lithium-ion battery will typically go through 400 to 500 charge cycles before users see it begin to experience deterioration. To extend the life of the phone battery, there are a few things users can do other than not charge the battery to 100%.

Psychologically, it may feel better to see the battery showing 100% in the status bar instead of 99%, but ultimately the user will have to pay for this when the battery exceeds the number of charge cycles. that it can provide. Some Pixel and iPhone models running iOS 13 or later have features that automatically limit charging to 80% and extend the time it takes to reach 100% to avoid losing a charge cycle.

Meanwhile, PCMag says that users should keep their phone’s battery at a temperature of 0 to 35 ° C while the phone is charging and off tasks. Most phones will warn the user if the device is overheating and will turn off the phone if necessary.

Do not charge your phone in bed where it can pose a fire hazard due to being covered by blankets and pillows. The best place to charge your phone is on a hard flat surface. If the phone gets hot, don’t put it in the freezer in the refrigerator. Switching from high to low temperatures unexpectedly can damage your phone because components in the battery can expand.

Not stopping there, exposing the phone to cold temperatures in this case can lead to unwanted extra moisture in the device. If you feel your phone is overheating, it is best to unplug it if it is charging and turn off the handset. Then place the device in a cool place away from sunlight and remove any protective covers on the device. If charging while the phone is hot, check the cable to make sure it’s not damaged.

Another good rule of thumb is to never let your smartphone touch 0% and then fully charge it. The best range to charge the phone battery is between 20 – 80%.

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