Android 15 can find lost phones even when they are turned off.

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Google plans to introduce a new feature to the Android 15 operating system, allowing users to search for their devices offline. This feature, similar to the one offered by the iPhone, will enable users to determine the location of their Android 15 devices even when powered off. This feature has been highly anticipated since last year, and it is expected to be available on Google Pixel 9 and possibly Google Pixel 8 when updated to Android 15, as revealed through Android source code analysis.

However, it is worth noting that this feature requires hardware support, so older devices like the Google Pixel 7 or Google Fold may not be equipped. The mechanism of this feature is similar to that on iPhone 11 and newer iPhone models, where the Bluetooth signal is still emitted even when the device is powered off. When nearby, other devices that support offline search can detect this signal, and they will report back to the owner the location of the missing device.

Currently, users can only track Android devices if they are online

Google’s “Find My Device” network does not support offline devices and third-party trackers, although the feature was introduced at Google I/O last May. However, an update is expected to support these devices and alert users if someone uses a tracking device to track their location without permission.

According to Android Police, this feature’s implementation is delayed because Google is waiting for Apple to finalize the specifications for cross-platform tracking of lost devices, regardless of operating system. The Google I/O 2024 conference, set for May 14, is expected to reveal more details about this feature. Nonetheless, users may have to wait for the release of Android 15 and the Pixel 9 phone line, scheduled to be launched around October 2024, to experience this feature.

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