Android phones will soon be able to make FaceTime calls to iPhones

by nativetechdoctor
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Interoperability between the Android and iPhone platforms is about to become simpler than ever.

According to SamMobile, recently an application called Beeper Mini appeared that can bring the ability to interact with iMessage messages on iPhone to all Android smartphones, this application has been received quite positively. After its successful launch, Beeper Mini’s developers have revealed ambitious plans to bring FaceTime, RCS, and SMS to their app.

So, Android phone users can soon use FaceTime calls with iPhone, iPad, and Mac users from their smartphones and tablets.

Accordingly, Beeper revealed that Beeper Mini will receive more features shortly. The company aims to bring FaceTime audio and video calls to the Beeper Mini. The team will even bring SMS and RCS support to the app. RCS messaging is getting more attention now that Apple has announced it will open up this technology to the iPhone next year. Beeper said there are big plans to integrate Signal and WhatsApp into their application.

The Beeper Mini development team revealed on Reddit that iMessage and RCS will coexist in their app with the same phone number. Besides, the app will be provided with more features, such as chat history import, chat backup import/export, Android chat bubbles, and a mobile-optimized user interface: foldable phones and tablets, message scheduling, and block lists.

In the future, Beeper Mini will be renamed to Beeper, while the current Beeper app will be renamed to Beeper Cloud, but that app may be discontinued in the future. However, the company has not provided an exact date when the new features will be released.

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