Apple blocked iOS 14.4.2 users from downgrading to iOS 14.4.1

by nativetechdoctor
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According to 9to5Mac, this comes just a week after Apple released iOS 14.4.2 last week with a critical security fix related to WebKit that could allow a malicious website to trigger custom cross-site scripting. Italy. According to Apple, the security vulnerability has been exploited by hackers.

Before iOS 14.4.2 was released last week, iOS 14.4.1 was released on 8.3 to patch a separate vulnerability in WebKit. This means Apple released two point updates for iOS 14.4 in March to fix separate WebKit vulnerabilities.

As of now, users cannot downgrade from iOS 14.4.2 to iOS 14.4.1 anymore. Reversing to older iOS builds is common for people with a jailbroken device. Restoring an iPhone or iPad to a previous iOS version can sometimes be helpful for users who experience significant errors after upgrading to the latest version of iOS.

This means anyone having a problem with iOS 14.4.2 will have to wait until a future update is released to resolve their issue. Apple stops signing older versions of iOS to make sure as many people as possible are using the latest and most secure releases.

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