Apple TV: the next model could have a camera

by nativetechdoctor
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rumor has it that Apple is about to unveil a new Apple TV, it would be nothing compared to what the engineers at the American firm are currently working on. The very often well-informed journalist Mark Gurman has indeed revealed that Apple will be working on two innovative products, including a beefy review of Apple TV.

The box would thus integrate an audio broadcasting system, as well as a microphone to interact with Siri. This way, users would no longer have to press the command button to wake up Apple’s virtual assistant. The box would also have a camera which would make it possible to launch FaceTime video calls from its Apple TV, the video would then be displayed on the television. This camera could also be used as a surveillance system.

The second product Apple is reportedly working on is said to be a mix of a HomePod and an iPad. The result would be mounted on a motorized arm and would allow video calls to be made. The device would be able to follow its user by spinning, much like Amazon’s Echo Show 10. But this second product is still only at the concept stage in Apple’s laboratories and would require several years of development before it can see the light of day.

As for the Apple TV 2.0, the concept holds up fairly well and could actually be released one day. Whether that will be the case at some point remains to be seen. In the meantime, we still hope that Apple will soon unveil the upgrade of its Apple TV box.

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