Apple deferred its policy of “serious threat” of Facebook revenue

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple just said it will delay new privacy policy changes until early next year. These changes are expected to seriously affect Facebook’s ad sales.

This delay will temporarily give Facebook more time before taking serious damage from the changes that are supposed to be on the upcoming iOS 14, which will cause one of the mobile advertising tools to be used. Their animations won’t work on the new iOS.

Apple announced new security rules in June and is expected to go into effect on iOS 14, which is scheduled to release this fall. Among the new changes is a policy that is expected to be costly to advertisers, specifically requiring advertisers to use tracking identifiers provided by Apple or by companies. Other tools with similar functions will have to display a message asking to enable tracking permission for the user to choose from when active.

Last week, Facebook said it would stop using the prompting tool in its own apps, but Apple seems to be no exception. Instead, Apple has said it will suspend by giving developers the option to display a prompt for tracking permission on iOS 14 when it first launches. But this option will become required early next year.

According to Apple, “when notifications are enabled, a system prompt will provide the user with the ability to allow or deny tracking based on their choice. We want to give developers time to make the necessary changes, and the request to use this track right notification display will go into effect early next year.

With a mandatory adoption delay until early next year, digital advertising companies will have a period of time to issue a notice explaining why they are asking users to enable permission, Reuter said. tracking, but in fact many people will refuse to grant this permission. That’s exactly why many advertisers like Facebook are concerned about a serious revenue drop, while it’s a feature many users have come to expect to protect their privacy on Apple devices.

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