Apple fires employees for posting workplace videos on TikTok

by nativetechdoctor

Although the video did not reveal any secrets at work, Apple still decided to terminate the contract for female employees who posted content on TikTok.

Nylah Boone, an Apple contract worker, was fired after a video of her workplace became popular on the TikTok platform. Titled “Day in the life of a Black girl working in tech ” (Day in the life of a Black girl working in tech), her video reveals no secrets about the company except for images. General office space.

Boone said the purpose of sharing videos on TikTok is to encourage women of color that technology can be the right career for them and to help Apple have more opportunities to access a workforce of color. More representative.

The video, posted in April, briefly records Boone’s first working day at the Apple office, showing camera angles at several locations in the building, the bar area (serving drinks, snacks, etc.) ), and having lunch with colleagues… quickly reaching more than 400,000 views. Hundreds of comments in the video asked Boone about the job as well as asking for career advice. Boone said about 80% of comments are from women of color, and she feels “it’s very important to be able to connect them, as well as motivate people like her to work in the tech industry and in other positions.” professional knowledge like me.”

However, in May, she suddenly lost her job due to the contract not being renewed, and in October, this information suddenly became noisy when the online community noticed the case.

Apple still strictly forbids employees from sharing footage of the company’s workplace, and even revealing information about what they’re doing there could lead to bad outcomes for their position. Nylah Boone’s case is not the first time Apple employees have been troubled by sharing work-related videos on TikTok or other video social networks.

A few months ago, engineer Paris Campbell received a job loss warning after she posted a helpful video about someone being blackmailed after losing an iPhone. The footage was taken at home, but Campbell revealed (though not directly) that he was an Apple employee violation – one of the “policies. “

TikTok is also involved in dismissing an Apple executive after a video of him quoting lines from a movie as a joke. Still somewhat vulgar, it did not match the image of senior personnel at “apple defect.”

Similar incidents appear more and more, revealing the troubles of the generation of users who like to share content on social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok … when working at large corporations in general and technology in particular. Filming, taking pictures of the workplace, and then posting them online can cause employees to lose their jobs because it is easy to reveal business secrets, for example, unpublished projects, products in development, etc. security locations, camera placement

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