Apple pours $1 billion each year into AI development

by nativetechdoctor

Spending $1 billion per year will be dedicated to developing Apple’s generative AI products.

According to Bloomberg, the investment decision is to help Apple catch up with other competitors, which are businesses that have released AI products on the market such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Currently, Apple uses artificial intelligence. created in some of its products, but has not yet launched any generative AI similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT Google Bard, or Microsoft Bing Instead, Apple’s AI focuses on features such as improving the quality of photos or the system automatically correcting spelling errors

Apple also has its own large language model (LLM), known as Ajax. This project is said to be a chatbot model (automatic chat software), also known internally as AppleGPT. However, this is still only a test model and has not been included in the official product. Ajax is trained on 200 billion parameters, more powerful than GPT-3.5’s 175 billion parameters.

Many sources confirm that “apple” wants to integrate this AI into Siri, messaging software, and Apple Music player. Particularly for Music, artificial intelligence will be used to automatically create music playlists like Spotify is doing when collaborating with OpenAI.

Bloomberg also confirmed that Apple is developing AI used in Xcode to support application developers, aiming to design software for users of its ecosystem. Those leading this project include John Giannandrea – Senior Vice President of AI and Machine Learning Strategy; Craig Federighi – Senior Vice President of Software Engineering and Eddy Cue – Director of Apple Services

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