Apple uses cheap components to cause iPhone 14 and 15 batteries to wear out quickly.

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Many users complain that the iPhone 14 series battery degrades unusually faster than previous generations.

Not long ago, many users posted feedback on forums and social networks about the iPhone 14 series battery quickly wearing out after just a short time of use. The phenomenon of reducing storage capacity (bottle) during use is normal for Lithium-ion technology batteries, but what attracts attention are accusations that the battery quality in the device is worse than previous models.

Recently, a leak source on X revealed the cause of the above phenomenon. According to account owner @RGcloudS, Apple is using a cheap battery with a lower number of charging cycles on all models of the iPhone 14 series and even the newly launched iPhone 15 series (when compared to its predecessors). Specifically, the maximum number of battery charges on the newly launched 2 series is only about 600, while the iPhone 13 series and earlier is 800 times

Although @RGcloudS did not provide specific evidence, the above information still caused a stir in the community because this character had leaked accurate information many times before the official announcement.

believes Phone Arena that the iPhone 14 Pro /Pro Max is the first Apple device to feature an always-on display (AOD), which increases the impact on the battery. Besides, this model’s screen is nearly twice as bright as the iPhone 13 Pro. However, it is impossible to ignore user feedback on the quality of the iPhone 14 series battery when in fact in previous years, capacity loss occurred very slowly and was only most clearly noticed after a few years of using the device. With the iPhone 14 series, time is calculated in months.

Apple announced that the iPhone battery is calculated so that at least 80% of its design capacity remains after 500 full charges (the total charge capacity between times reaching 100% is counted as 1 full charge). On the new generation of iPhone and iOS, the company also provides the Optimized Charging feature to improve battery life. Within 12 months of purchasing the device, if the battery drops below 80% of design capacity, the company will replace the device with a new battery for free

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