Google Chrome will detect tabs that consume a lot of RAM

by nativetechdoctor
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Despite being the most popular web browser on the market, Google Chrome is not the most efficient browser when it comes to RAM memory consumption.

According to GearRice, although Google has released many updates for Chrome over the years, it has not been able to significantly improve this performance. This directly affects the user experience, so this is an issue that users are concerned about.

Now, it seems Google is getting closer to helping users limit the resources that drain Chrome’s experience by knowing which tabs are slowing down their computers the most, a solution the community has been waiting for for a while. long time. Thanks to this function, it will be much easier to remove things that weaken the device’s performance.

Although this does not improve RAM usage on Chrome, at least it is a way to help people find solutions to the problem, helping them know the status of tabs at all times. All the user has to do is move the cursor over the displayed tab to see how much RAM it is taking up.

This is an interesting solution to allow users to manually open, maintain and close certain tabs. This will be easier than the solution of using the task manager on the system. Improved management and closing of all things that users do not use but drain RAM on web browsers like Chrome will help increase battery life on devices like laptops.

Most likely, this interesting feature will be implemented by Google in an upcoming Chrome update

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