Apple wants iPhones to replace passports and drivers licenses

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple is trying hard to make the iPhone the only thing that everyone has to use when it can replace their passports, driving licenses, or other forms of physical identification.

According to Apple Insider, Apple recently announced plans to remove car keys before the iPhone forgot us to take a diary, a camera, a pen, and even a mirror. The company is now concentrating on getting rid of passports, library cards, and ID cards

A variety of different patent applications, all of which are called “Provides user identity authentication confirmations,” are detailed methods by which user IDs can be recorded or transmitted and validated. Apple doesn’t use the word iPhone but instead, hundreds of times referencing the device could be any piece of technology.

According to Apple’s proposal, a device like the iPhone can securely transmit an ID number. If the owner of the device is verified, it can verify that person’s ID.

Although Apple’s patents mainly apply to passports, this system can be used for many purposes. In this way, users can obtain verified identities that act as digital identifiers for users, including user identification information that can be reused between providers. Different levels of service.

Known earlier, Apple developed a secure government ID system and has worked with both the German and UK governments to help build local identification projects. According to Apple, this system needs to be verified by government agencies to ensure accuracy and legality. But when that is done, the user can go through the airport and continue on the move without any restrictions.

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