Apple announces Intel’s ‘retirement’, developing microprocessors on its Mac

by nativetechdoctor

Apple has just announced it will move the Mac to its own processor to deliver industry-leading performance and powerful new technology.

According to Apple, developers can now start updating their applications to take advantage of Apple’s advanced chip features from Mac. This transition also creates a common architecture for all Apple products, which makes it easier for developers to write and optimize their applications for the entire ecosystem.

Apple also introduced macOS Big Sur, the next big update for macOS, which presents the biggest update in more than a decade with technology that enables a smooth and seamless transition to ARM processors. Developers can easily migrate their existing applications to Apple chips using powerful technology and performance. This is also the first time developers can offer their iOS and iPadOS applications unchanged on Mac.

To help developers launch new Apple chips, the company launched the Universal App Quick Start Program, access to documentation, support forums, the beta version of macOS Big Sur and Xcode 12, and limited use of the Developer Use Transition Kit. (DTK) offers. ) – Mac development system based on Apple’s SoC A12Z Bionic chip.

Apple plans to ship Apple’s first Mac with a chip later this year and complete the transition in about two years. Apple will continue to support and release new versions of macOS for Intel-based Macs and develop Intel-based Mac models in the coming years. This is considered the biggest jump Mac has ever made.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said Apple’s processors will make the Mac more powerful and more capable than before, with advanced features and industry-leading performance, and opening up a more exciting future. Mac

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