Apple will make it own 5nm GPU chip in 2021

by nativetechdoctor
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The 5nm GPU chip code-named Lifuka and another CPU chip code-named Tonga are expected to be produced by Apple in the last two quarters of next year.

Apple has developed its own processor chip called A14 Bionic for iPhone and is fabricated by TSMC on a 5nm process. The iPhone 12 model may be the first device with this chip. Apple’s ambition doesn’t end with processor chips.

According to PhoneArena, from a tweet on Twitter under the name @chiakokua of a retired engineer, the Commercial Times site revealed that Apple will start using 5nm process GPU chips, which they produce in the second half of next year, with code Lifuka, developed exclusively for iMac devices.

Commercial Times says the Lifuka chip will allow app developers to create more powerful, professional software and games. Apple also produces a GPU chip called A14X, code Tonga, which is expected to be found separately on the next-generation high-end MacBook and iPad.

The US has adjusted export regulations that have prevented TSMC from processing 5nm chips for Huawei since September 14. This is not necessarily bad news for TSMC because Apple, with its chip production plans, seems to want to make full use of the Taiwanese company’s 5nm process chip processing capabilities.

Apple is said to have discontinued support for AMD-made GPUs, which are used in 64-bit macOS ARM operating systems

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