AWS is creating and innovating with generative AI technology

by nativetechdoctor
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Organizations are reimagining content creation, increasing employee productivity, improving customer experience, and developing employee skills with AWS generative AI technology.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping customers of all sizes and application developers of all levels in Asia-Pacific easily, efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively tap into their potential. of generative AI. This support includes investing in affordable infrastructure so customers can scale generative AI applications, machine learning (ML) tools for easy programming, and specialized AI services.

Generative AI will have a significant positive impact on industries and society; Enterprises and government organizations have been excited to test AWS ‘s diverse generative AI services.

For example, Takenaka Group is one of Japan’s leading construction enterprises that cooperates with AWS to develop the digital construction platform Building 4.0 Digital Platform. This platform uses data and analytics to enhance business performance. Generative AI is applied to significantly improve efficiency in the construction industry, so this technology has become an important factor in Takenaka Group’s digital transformation efforts.

Takenaka Group is building a platform based on Amazon Bedrock and Amazon Kendra services (fast and accurate ML technology application search service for businesses), capable of synthesizing huge amounts of information, including construction industry legal and regulatory information, internal guidance and best processes, helping employees make faster, smarter business decisions and improve their work-life balance. life.

Generative AI also offers unprecedented opportunities to change and transform global businesses. AWS is committed to supporting the next wave of technology talent with tools, coaching, and customized support.

In the Asia-Pacific region, AWS is also investing in LLM startup and development accelerator programs, designed to help local organizations easily develop specialized generative AI applications. This investment includes initiatives such as the AWS Large Language Model Development Support Program in Japan to support Japanese startups, large enterprises, and research institutions in developing their own LLM models and programs. acceleration in Australia New Zealand, India, and Korea with the goal of helping startups develop generative AI applications to expand their businesses.

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