YouTube is accused of loading slowly on Firefox, ‘smooth’ on Chrome

by nativetechdoctor
1 minutes read

Some users say YouTube is allegedly intentionally crippling the Firefox browser and making upload speeds slower when compared to Chrome.

According to Neowin, if the user’s internet connection is fine, the problem may be related to performance and hardware optimization for Firefox, for example, due to poor hardware acceleration support or many other related issues to system resources.

The problem is, that users noticed a 5-second delay when loading YouTube videos on the Firefox browser that went away when YouTube was tricked into thinking the video was being played on Chrome using the User Agent switch. This shows that YouTube seems to have deliberately loaded slowly on Firefox browser – a Chrome competitor.

In fact, the above incident is not surprising as similar allegations occasionally appear because browser companies always introduce measures to compete for market share or increase the number of users. With Google owning Chrome and YouTube, the company has every reason to limit access speed to the largest video social network today on rival browsers.

This problem does not occur when using uBlock Origin, so if users feel uncomfortable loading YouTube in 5 seconds on Firefox and do not want to use an alternative User Agent can use uBlock.

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