Call of Duty’s launch date in 2024 has been revealed

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Xbox has just revealed the launch date of the next game in the popular Call of Duty franchise.

According to Comic Book title, according to Xbox, a new Call of Duty will launch this October, maintaining the annual tradition of the long-running shooting game franchise.

Call of Duty is a franchise that has gone through many ups and downs but has persisted in releasing new games every fall for the past 20 years. Some people may argue that annual releases sometimes cause quality to suffer, as the recent release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was criticized because the launch map was just a remake of Modern Warfare 2 (2009). However, this game still ranks second on the best-selling list of the year in the US, although compared to the past, this is a slight decrease

Regardless, Call of Duty will likely continue to be released regularly with a new game from developer Treyarch in October this year. According to Inverse, Xbox chief Phil Spencer announced to employees in a recent meeting that a new Call of Duty game is scheduled to be released in October.

game This will be the first Call of Duty officially developed under Microsoft, so the company has more flexibility to delay the game if necessary. Even though Microsoft just spent $68 billion on Activision, they probably won’t miss out on the opportunity to make money if they can take advantage of it.

This year’s game is expected to be a new Black Ops installment, said to be titled Black Ops Gulf War. The game takes place in the 90s and features the return of characters from the Black Ops series.

Normally Call of Duty will launch in November, but there are also a few versions released a month earlier. Therefore, this game will likely launch around the end of October. It is unclear whether Microsoft will try to avoid overlap with another game scheduled to launch in November

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